Moving company Prague

Are you looking for a move in the Prague location? Are you looking for a company that will provide you with fast moving and clearing work at the best prices on the market? Then you are at the right address.

We offer professional moving in Prague, which will be carried out for you by a reliable team of experts. We do our best for the safe transport of your property, so protective packaging materials and securing against movement in the vehicle are a matter of course. All this at the lowest prices and without extra charges for holidays, weekends or nighttime performance. We will not increase the price even for a higher number of floors, as you can see in our price list of moving services.

How does moving in Prague work?

To make the moving process as smooth as possible, we usually send our technician to you first. He inspects the premises and furniture to be moved, estimates the length of the moving work and chooses the ideal size of the vehicle and the number of workers. He always makes sure that your move is as quick and, of course, as cheap as possible. He will be happy to arrange a moving date with you immediately on the spot and answer any questions you may have.

On the day of the move, we will send a vehicle directly to you from our branch in Prague, which we will bring to your address at the agreed time. Our workers will pack the cargo, including dismantling larger pieces of furniture, so that it is not damaged during transport. He then loads the items into the vehicle and secures them against movement while driving. After loading the vehicle, our employees check the moved premises to see if anything has been forgotten by mistake, and only then do they drive to the destination.

You can watch the transport of the cargo or take part in it personally as a passenger in the given removal truck. The driver always chooses the shortest possible route, which is at the same time the safest for the transported load, so that it is not damaged during transport.

Upon arrival at the site, unloading will take place and our employees will take all the transported equipment to the new premises. Here they remove the protective packaging materials and assemble the furniture, which was previously disassembled for safe transport. If you decide to throw some items away, the staff will take them to the collection yard in Prague for ecological disposal.

Choose really cheap moving around Prague

Our range of services for Prague includes not only moving, but is much broader. In addition to clearing work, we can also deal with heavy loads, furniture assembly and ensure the storage of your property. We provide all this quickly and at the best prices on the market.