Prices of moving services

We will provide you with reliable and cheap moving services. Our vehicles with workers come to you from our branches in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Havířov and Frýdek-Místek, but we carry out orders all over the country. Similarly, moving abroad is not a problem for us – we often go to, for example, Germany, Switzerland or Spain.

The moving work will be carried out at your place by our experienced employees who can handle even larger loads. They will carefully wrap your cargo in protective packaging materials and take care of the most gentle transport.


1 mover 250 CZK
2 movers 500 CZK
3 movers 750 CZK
4 movers 1000 CZK

Arrival of a van with a crew (one time)

van + driver 400 CZK
van + 2 movers 400 CZK
van + 3 movers 500 CZK
van + 4 movers 600 CZK

Vehicle (hourly rate)

Iveco Daily 12m3 300 CZK
Iveco Daily 24m3 300 CZK
Iveco Eurocargo 36m3 400 CZK
Iveco Eurocargo 40m3 400 CZK

Rate per kilometer

Iveco Daily 12m3 20 CZK
Iveco Daily 24m3 24 CZK
Iveco Eurocargo 36m3 28 CZK
Iveco Eurocargo 40m3 30 CZK